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Thursday, 10 January 2008
On July 13, 1990 on Lenin's peak ( Peak TCHON-TOO ) perished 23 Leningrad mountain climbers…

TRAGEDY ON Lenin's PEAK ( Peak TCHON-TOO ) on July 13, 1990 on the slopes of the peak of Lenin (7134 m) was played terrible mountaineering tragedy. Numerous mountaineering groups of the different countries of world were located on the overnight stays, were prepared for the a campaign on the top of the mountain, nothing it betokened misfortune. And suddenly late in the evening, under the effect of small earthquake, the detached icy chunk caused enormous snowy- ice avalanche. For few seconds on a way of an avalanche of tent have been removed, covered by a snow blanket almost fifty the person. Only two, being on edge of an avalanche, it was possible to escape, among them there was our Alexey Koren from Petersburg who after has told about these awful instants.Among the lost climbers 23 persons - sportsmens of city of St.-Petersburg. The horror of tragedy was aggravated with that circumstance, that, despite of lasting many days and careful searches of victims with use of helicopters and experts-mine-rescuers to find out it was possible nobody. Till now the mountain stores the secret.

Light memory.
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