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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Swarovski Rhinestones flat backs HOTFIX

Flat Backs Hotfix (HF) are loose crystal elements with a flat reverse side that has been pre-coated with a heat sensitive glue. Flat Backs Hotfix can be easily applied by heat to a range of textile carrier materials and produce a durable and long lasting crystal effect. Flat Backs HF are available in a multitude of colours, shapes and cuts. The most important single item in this product group is the XILION Rose - the most briliant cut on the market.
Professional Touch Applicator
Professional Touch Applicator
Crystal M HF (2028)
Crystal AB M HF (2028)
Crystal Copper M HF (2028)
Crystal Cosmojet M HF (2028)
Crystal Dorado M HF (2028)
Crystal Golden Shadow M HF (2028)
Crystal Meridian Blue M HF (2028)
Crystal Metallic Blue M HF (2028)
Crystal Moonlight M HF (2028)
Crystal Sage M HF (2028)
Crystal Silver Shade M HF (2028)
Crystal Tabac M HF (2028)
Crystal Transmission HFT (2028)
Crystal Volcano M HF (2028)
Jet M HF (2028)
Jet AB M HF (2028)
Jet Hematite M HF (2028)
Jet Hematite M HF (2028)
Amethyst M HF (2028)
Aquamarine M HF (2028)
Black Diamond M HF (2028)
Blue Zircon M HF (2028)
Burgundy M HF (2028)
Capri Blue M HF (2028)
Caribbean Blue Opal M HF (2028)
Chalkwhite M HF (2028)
Chrysolite M HF (2028)
Citrine M HF (2028)
Cobalt M HF (2028)
Emerald M HF (2028)
Erinite M HF (2028)
Fireopal M HF (2028)
Fuchsia M HF (2028)
Hyacinth M HF (2028)
Jonquil M HF (2028)
Jonquil AB M HF (2028)
Khaki M HF (2028)
Light Amethyst M HF (2028)
Light Colorado Topaz M HF (2028)
Light Grey Opal M HF (2028)
Light Peach M HF (2028)
Light Rose M HF (2028)
Light Rose AB M HF (2028)
Light Sapphire M HF (2028)
Light Siam M HF (2028)
Light Siam AB M HF (2028)
Light Topaz M HF (2028)
Mint Alabaster HFT (2028)
Mocca M HF (2028)
Montana M HF (2028)
Olivine M HF (2028)
Pacific Opal M HF (2028)
Padparadscha M HF (2028)
Palace Green Opal M HF (2028)
Peridot M HF (2028)
Purple Velvet M HF (2028)
Rose M HF (2028)
Ruby M HF (2028)
Sand Opal M HF (2028)
Sapphire M HF (2028)
Siam M HF (2028)
Silk M HF (2028)
Smoked Topaz M HF (2028)
Sun M HF (2028)
Tanzanite M HF (2028)
Topaz M HF (2028)
Topaz AB M HF (2028)
Vintage Rose M HF (2028)
White Opal M HF (2028)

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